Tuesday, August 28, 2012

RA Breakfast at Unity House

It was a glorious morning at Unity House on August 24 when the 2012-2013 Resident Advisors visited us for breakfast.  They stormed in yelling "Orange juice!" and "Coffee!" as if they had been living in the woods all summer, far away from the civilization of the Edwards Shop 'n' Save and Wyman Commons.   And knowing Unity students, maybe they were!
New faces and familiar faces sat around the table together. At right is new RA Austin Calvert, Veteran RA Eve Dietrich, and New RA Elizabeth Whitney.
And on the left, facing the camera, it's veterans Ryan Morrison and Eli Walker, newbie Rose Zoller (under a quilt made by my sister Lisa Swift), and Rob Eckelbecker, who has the coolest last name in the world.  Eckelbecker!
Unity RAs are well-known for their generous spirits. They share that spirit in creating nurturing communities in the residence halls. They share their time and talents on campus and in community events like Arts for Hunger.  Here, Matt Dyer goes a step further and shares his cranberry-walnut muffin with Keeper.

Heather was a bit overwhelmed with all the excitement, but she made time to demonstrate how well she matches the Unity House floor.
Our breakfast concluded with a group photo shot.  Say hello to your RAs, folks!  In the front row left, it's new RA Alex Bach next to "Boss Lady" Cassandra Thayer,  returning RA Rebecca Zerlin (official Keepie holder of Unity House.  It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!) Jen Moran, Elizabeth and Eve.  In the back row left (the tall people),. it's new RAs Derrick Maltman and Austin, veteran Molly Cronin, Eckelbecker, Eli, that Stephen dude, Matt, Director of Residence Life/Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Steve Nason, and Ryan. Welcome back, everyone!

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