Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Only at Unity

The winter of 2015 has been one for the record books in Maine, and in New England generally.  I'm widely known as a wimp when it comes to cold and wind, so I spent most of February hunkered down in Unity House, where I was safe from the harsh weather.

In fact, Unity House is so well insulated and so "tight" that there are no drafts, and even the sound of the howling wind is muted.

Plus, we have the indoor plants to remind us of the green world.

I'm teaching the Honors section of Composition and Communication II, and in February I realized that my class is small enough to hold it at Unity House.

"Y'all are young and strong," I said to the students after a snow day. "How about you walk down to Unity House, instead of me walking up to class?"

"Will the dogs be there?" they asked.

They agreed -- and now it's spring, at least on the calendar, and we can even hold class out on the patio!
Next up -- green grass!

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